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500 million Europeans are taken in hostage by 862,415 Irish (less than 0.2% of the European population) – in the name of democracy. According to the elitist representative democrats this is the direct democrat’s fault, i.e. the “uneducated and unteachable people”. This disrespect makes the current EU-catastrophe even worse.
Because: in a democracy the tool democracy can only be always right. In Ireland it was however employed wrongly. For voting for a purely internal-Irish problem without European dimension an Irish referendum would doubtlessly have been the correct instrument. For a pan-European concern however, only the pan-European referendum can be the correct means. This would be the correct level, and only then the right sovereign is speaking. No matter what the result will be, YES or NO, only via this way the right has spoken the right.
In the EU the sovereign are the 500 million Europeans – and not a slight Irish referendum’s majority. Regarding the current archaic principle of unanimity it could even appear more bizarrely: even Malta or Cyprus could by their 315,000 resp. 500,000 eligible voters bring the EU to a final halt. Good gracious!
No matter whether for or against the EU: we should not be lead by a handful of nationalists. For important matters we do need a pan-European referendum! The Treaty of Lisbon would have given us this power! Although its fate is uncertain at the moment, we have to become active for the EU’s future, i.e. our future. Let us demand a pan-European referendum for all important EU-matters, such as enlargement, environmental issues, the future election of EU president etc. There is the possibility to stand up in an organized way and to vote at the citizens’ platform: www.we-change-europe.eu. Let’s change Europe – now!

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  1. what makes you think referenda everywhere else in europe wouldn’t have fuelled nationalistic feelings and thus a rejection of the European construction?

  2. Utter rubbish and an insult to the Irish, how dare you be so dismissive of your fellow citizens democratic views?

    The two previous referenda on broadly the same question received the same answer…. don’t keep asking the same question!

  3. 500 million ? Less all those ‘sovereign’ that didnt/wont get a chance to vote ‘NO’. Most national politicians in the EU empire are afraid of their own citizens.

  4. We EU-ropeans are not hostages to the Irish.

    EU democracy is so far largely based on strong consensus-democratic elements and if there is no consensus of the states (even consensus minus one) than the status quo will continue. This doesn’t mean that EU politics will stop, it just means that we have to cope with the present institutions.

    And it signifies that EU leaders have to figure out whether there are non-consensual ways of further developing the Union if we cannot make all states agree. Legally and politically I don’t see a problem, this change in strategy just has to be acknowledged…

  5. Now it’s the era of the citizens, right.
    Votes for Europeans are possible: http://www.we-change-europe.eu
    “We Change Europe” wants to offer the opportunity of getting involved into the process of political decisions made in the EU. Therefore they created an E-Voting tool and the possibility to promote political aims in form of paneuropean initiatives. In order to foster such citizens’ democracy they organize Europe-wide votes for important union-related decision. All Europeans are invited to participate in these initiatives.

    Topics, you can vote for, when you’ll get involved:
    We-Enlarge: The Europeans are enlarging their Union!
    We-Elect: The Europeans elect their President!

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