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Presidential veto

The EU President (created in the Lisbon treaty) should be given a veto over decisions reached by qualified majority voting (QMV). The way in which QMV functions presently is deeply undemocratic. States with nothing but an academic interest in an issue can pass legislation which may be very damaging to a key industry within another… » read more

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The growth of the European economy needs support by the Union’s budget. Hence, exploiting the strength of the euro, allowance should be made for the possibility of tapping capital and stock markets with Community loans to finance specific projects of European scale and value added, that add to capital stock and have measurable positive returns,… » read more

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Our social welfare cannot be defended nationally, but involving ourselves in the construction of fairer commercial relations for every country, as well as creating institutions aiming to govern globalization. Europe cannot be just an economic lobby. It must become a influencing group in favour of democracy and human rights. It will only remain faithful to… » read more

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In certain areas of law, we need to adopt and apply a basic code of civil law which is common to all Member States. Let us be clear from the start, that we are not proposing to harmonize all the civil law of all the Member States, since much of this law is embedded in… » read more

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