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European Union is build and continues to progress based on shared values and interests of all member states toward a common vision. No doubt it is a success story of its own. It is very important that countries with different cultures and interests stick together and discuss their common future. Member countries use the diversity… » read more

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My suggestion is to reflect on a European Union BEYOND Nation i.e. without the limitation of Nationality. A Europe of Regions, Provinces or whatever BUT without Spain, Italy, Poland, France, Germany etc. These dinosaures are a threat for the prosperity and peace of Europe. A Europe without Nations belongs actually to the original utopia but… » read more

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Comment développer une identité et une citoyenneté européenne et ainsi renforcer l’intégration de la nouvelle composition territoriale de l’Union ? C’est à cette question que s’attache le Centre de Culture Européenne (CEE), bureau international d’étude et de formation. Une meilleure connaissance des patrimoines culturels est un moteur essentiel du développement de cette identité, un «… » read more

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The EU and its member countries should condemn Totalitarian Nazi and Communist regimes. All victims deserve memory in the European history. For one half of Europe, the end of Second World War was the beginning of new terror and killing.

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European stereotypes

I am almost 100 % sure that everyone of us has some stereotypes. Is it bad??? It’s difficult to say. We talk about Europe, its standards, values, etc. – so why can’t we discuss such a thing as European stereotypes? Are there any stereotypes concerning Europeans (as a nationality or may be a breed xD)?… » read more

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Re-establish the symbols of the EU which were included in Art. I-8 European Constitution Draft Treaty (Rome II) and subsequently omitted in the Lisbon Treaty. We cannot simply assume that these symbols will be used in some, and perhaps even all, Member States. The political and legal character of the EU must be made visible… » read more

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Art. 9 TEU, in its last paragraph, undervalues the concept of EU citizenship because it states that EU citizenship “is added” to a national citizenship. However, EU citizenship is in reality “complementary” (former art. 17.1 TEC). EU citizenship is an important concept and, once established, cannot be separated from National citizenship. Although this proposal may… » read more

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A Soul for Europe!

The European Community began as an economic community whose cause was, all the same, common values, the European cultural community and historical experiences; yet it also involved all the infringements of those common values. Outwardly, the EU is characterised as an economic and regulation community; it has lost the breath it had at the outset.… » read more

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