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One voice

As long as the member states of the EU represent themselves in international organisations (like IMF or UN), their impact will be limited and far beyond what it could be if the EU had the possibility to speak in their name. Hence my suggestion : to speak with one voice in international organisations. The same… » read more

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One of the reasons for the current European malaise is a total absence of a truly federative structure capable to federate young Europeans in a common goal. Personally, I am developing in France the EUROCLIPPERS project which intends to develop navigation in crew for youngsters on board tall ships, along Europe’s coasts, ocean voyages, and… » read more

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European Soccer Team

Europe so far is an ingenious product of many brains. What misses is heartfelt, widespread enthusiasm. What could change that? A European Soccer Team. We have seen the impact the World Cup has had on the German people two years ago. Waving a German flag and learning to sing the national anthem, one also had… » read more

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The EU at the Olympics.

“In 2008 I hope to see the EU Member State teams in Beijing carry the flag of the European Union alongside their own national flag as a symbol of our unity,” said Romano Prodi. If this were possible what a great message this could send to Euro-sceptics when they see the EU gaining an estimated… » read more

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